With our accessories you can be sure that your products are safe
and will be kept in perfect condition throughout the journey. We offer comprehensive solutions that enable you to constantly monitor transport conditions and detect any problems in real time.

We offer: shock, tilt, temperature, humidity indicators, container seals and other recorders and measuring devices for transport.

relofix-app which we are working on, will make the whole process easier for drivers and dispatch staff in future, as it clearly describes and illustrates the appropriate method for securing the load on the transport unit. Together with the selection of appropriate strapping or other securing tools, it will show how the load should be secured in order to be, firstly, safe and, secondly, in accordance with the EU transport directive.

We are planning further development and are working with our partners on IT systems and the digitalisation of the supply chain. In future, our customers will be able to track and monitor all logistics processes without any problems. It does not matter whether you are packing, picking, receiving goods or transporting internally - whether in the customer's factory, at one of the consolidation sites or at the supplier's site, whether in Poska, Germany, France or on another continent.

Take advantage of our services and ensure your products are safe on every journey!

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RELOPACK SP.Z O.O. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds:
"Development and implementation of a design project for the company's new industrial packaging lines".

The aim of the project is: to develop the company through the development of a new design project for 2 lines of industrial packaging and its implementation in the form of new products in the company's offer.
EU funding for the project: PLN 666,750.00