CASE STUDY - Construction industry


Year 2020-2021


Between 2020 and 2021, two of our clients' investments stood in winter conditions. One involved the construction of an office building in the centre of Berlin, the other of several massive reservoirs in Stassfurt. In both cases, further work required absolute insulation from the weather, particularly from moisture. The clients decided to enlist our help and used the excellently suited heat-shrink film, which made it possible to protect the buildings from rain, snow, frost and wind.

Relopack was also involved in the creation of the world's largest modular hotel of the Marriott chain, which is located in New York, at the prestigious 5-th Avenue. The modules from which the hotel was built were manufactured by a Polish company. Our team was responsible for securing and packing each of the 130 modules for the US, where the individual parts were assembled into a single unit.

Project size: In each case we secured several thousand m2 of scaffolding and buildings. The fact that in the case of the hotel, we were invited to the opening, organised for companies that were instrumental in the construction of the building, is an indication of how important this task was.

Project size:

In each case, we secured several thousand m2 of scaffolding and buildings.


Project duration:

The orders were carried out in stages.
Total 5 months

A committed team:

10 people

RELOPACK SP.Z O.O. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds:
"Development and implementation of a design project for the company's new industrial packaging lines".

The aim of the project is: to develop the company through the development of a new design project for 2 lines of industrial packaging and its implementation in the form of new products in the company's offer.
EU funding for the project: PLN 666,750.00