Invest in safety! Whatever industry you're in, our film hoods are the perfect solution for protecting your products from dirt and moisture or accidental damage. 


ALU foil hoods to DIN 55 531 / MIL-PRF-131J / TL 8135-0003

We manufacture hoods and bags from aluminium composite heat-sealable foil to the customer's exact specifications or case dimensions for long-term export packaging. They correspond, among other things, to DIN 55 531 / MIL-PRF-131J / TL 8135-0003. Aluminium composite films in combination with desiccants are currently the best corrosion protection for industrial export packaging headed for various climate zones with very humid sea air. Such packaging is particularly suitable for protecting high-quality machinery, electronic parts and corrosion-prone items.


PE film hoods We manufacture to the required dimensions. They are used to protect against dust and moisture during transport. We supply hoods and bags with film thicknesses from 120 mµ to a film thickness of 200 mµ.


VCI hoods, covers and bags are made from 120 mµ anti-corrosion film. They are used to protect metals and corrosion-prone ferrous components. Pallet box inserts, gitterboxes or hoods for export packaging are manufactured by us with exact dimensions. They have anti-corrosive properties thanks to continuously evaporating corrosion inhibitors and thus form a thin, invisible protective layer on the metal surface, which permanently prevents rust and corrosion.


We would also be happy to advise you on choosing the right moisture absorbers! 

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RELOPACK SP.Z O.O. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds:
"Development and implementation of a design project for the company's new industrial packaging lines".

The aim of the project is: to develop the company through the development of a new design project for 2 lines of industrial packaging and its implementation in the form of new products in the company's offer.
EU funding for the project: PLN 666,750.00