In addition to high-quality packaging materials, our range also includes an extensive range of accessories and equipment for efficient packaging. We offer a wide range of solutions to make your packing and loading process easier.

Our product range includes, inter alia banding machines - tape tensioners, welding machines, as well as various safety features, such as protective edgeswhether dunnage bags and space fillers. You will find ventilation grilles and other export packaging products.

The devil is in the detail! With our accessories, you can be sure that your products will be properly protected and ready for transport.

We would also be happy to advise you on choosing the right quality of films, moisture absorbers, strapping bands and other packaging materials!

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RELOPACK SP.Z O.O. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds:
"Development and implementation of a design project for the company's new industrial packaging lines".

The aim of the project is: to develop the company through the development of a new design project for 2 lines of industrial packaging and its implementation in the form of new products in the company's offer.
EU funding for the project: PLN 666,750.00