CASE STUDY - Pulp & Paper




The Relopack Sp. z o.o. team, in cooperation with an engineering company, carried out the complete dismantling of a paper machine at a production site in the north of Finland. The main tasks included disassembly, labelling of parts, packing and loading into transport containers.

Project size - packed and loaded:

- 90 pcs, OT 40′

- 210 pieces, HC 40′

- 600 m3 breakbulk cargo

In addition, 2 cellulose towers with a capacity of 2,000 m3 and more than 20 tanks with a capacity of 20 to 80 m3 were cut up and transferred to a new factory abroad. The entire process, including the additionally commissioned mechanical work, lasted from April to October.

A total of 80 people worked on this project on a rotational basis, including the Project Manager, leads, logisticians, mechanics and fitters, locksmiths, electricians, packers, workers with mountaineering training.

Project size:

More than 300 shipping containers and dozens of breakbulk units

Project duration:

Total with additional scope = 8 months

A committed team:

A total of 80 people worked on the project on a rotating basis

RELOPACK SP.Z O.O. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds:
"Development and implementation of a design project for the company's new industrial packaging lines".

The aim of the project is: to develop the company through the development of a new design project for 2 lines of industrial packaging and its implementation in the form of new products in the company's offer.
EU funding for the project: PLN 666,750.00